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About us

  • For a long time before the publishing company foundation by the end of the 80s, the idea has originated to produce one on the needs of the collectors of coins fitted coin catalogue on software base including collection management. The PC-user circle becoming greater and greater encouraged this idea necessarily. The intensive searches whether there is currently something similar already or whether the catalogue publishing company’s work on such a project ran with our surprise negatively. So it itself of lending a hand was a matter. After the first thoughts were gathered for the own development relatively fast in a coarse draught, now it was a matter of taking the by far bigger hurdle of finding a software enterprise which moves the compiling fine draught in the reality. Very fast it became clear that in addition an immense sum of money became necessary. Therefore nobody was found ready to produce this cap in the market to be closed and big chance in a sort of “joint-venture”. Valuable time passed by until in spring 1997, like so often in the life which came to assistance friend chance. A very good friend and long-standing colleague was to be looked themselves around just, besides, for a new challenge on the job market. More by an accidental conversation in this direction brought to light that this colleague was, besides, also an excellent programmer. Spontaneously he agreed put into action this idea with. Nearly five months every free minute was used to speed up the software development, and in November, 1977 the first production maturity version was given. Coinbook was born.

  • On the 11.11.1997 consequently at the beginning of the „fifth season“ the publishing company of the same name was founded and announced properly. First as a society of the civil law (GbR), but with line of sight in view to an Ltd if the product in the market proves itself. Now it was a matter of taking the next step, the distribution. Since up to a few expert traders and collectors who stood to us with words and deeds in this subject aside the product has get further still nobody to see. So the first advertisements were set in professional journals, the first presentation appointments were agreed with coin associations which participation coordinate of different stock exchanges and distributes to all famous addresses pattern copies. The first experiences showed that though a little here and there still a “cosmetic operation” was necessary, but which was by far a lot more important ones that we lay concerning the contents with Coinbook exactly in the right way and still is.

  • In the meantime is Coinbook in his 20th year and finds from all users completely positive recognition. What began in 1997 with one single collection module (The German coins from 1871) was extended in the meantime till 2017 on a total of 29 collection modules. Thanks to strong suggestions from the user circle we will also do justice furthermore to the needs.

  • By now we are curious very much which way Coinbook will take during the next years.

  • Therefore, our request to you, you write to us even if you have ideas or suggestions for the further development of our product.

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