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Coinbook Classic

With Coinbook it concerns Germany´s the first and only digital and modular coin catalogue currently in his 6 tenth edition with integrated collection and doubles management, grasping of individual texts and auction data, detailed coin descriptions, print of collection lists, false lists and barter lists, as well as an extensive illustration of the coins as well as the special expenses which we update from October, 2016 every six months.
The first edition of Coinbook appeared in December, 1997 on CD-ROM, under the product name "COINBOOK `98". From 1999 to 2006 appeared in addition annual updates and enlargement of the collective areas. Then in 2009 the CD production was given up to give a bigger individual elbowroom for the arrangement of his collection modules to the user. With it linkedly the bilingualism (German / English) and the modular system was introduced.

If you are coin collectors, own a PC with the operating system Windows and have accordingly free storage space on your hard disk, COINBOOK is the ideal accessories for you and your coin collection!
The basic software of Coinbook is the Programme, currently in the version 3. 0. In addition at least one collection area is required as a module.

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